The Plunge

Its time for our 9th Annual Plunge Benefit-t-t-ting Kids in the Creek & Environmental Education. There are two options this year to accommodate COVID-19: Take the Plunge or Take the Plunge Challenge!

Take The Plunge: This is our traditional Plunge and we’ll be back to the Town of Canton, NC on Saturday, February 27, 2021. It will be at the Champion Credit Union Aquatics Center (77 Penland St, Canton, NC) where Plungers can jump off the diving board, off the side of the pool, or simply wade in off the beach to a depth of your choice.

We will plunge from 10 AM to 4 PM using a reservation system. Individuals, families, and other socially-distanced appropriate groups can reserve your 15 minute time slot here. There will be a maximum of 10 people per time slot and everyone must stay 6 feet apart. Walk-ins are welcome but they must wait until the next available time slot. Please arrive 15 minutes early to prepare for your Plunge (Waiver Form, t-shirt, costume change, etc.)

The Plunge Challenge: This is for supporters who can’t attend The Plunge or want extra precautions around COVID. Find a place to plunge – your bathtub, a kiddie pool, your front yard with a hose, or a local waterway, anything counts as long as that water is cold!

Part of the Challenge is also challenging your friends and family to participate and help raise more funds. Make a wager out of it, or form a team for one of several Team prizes.

If you choose, document your Plunge on film and we’ll post it online and enter it into the Best Plunge and Best Costume contests.

To submit a vide, create a FREE account here. Click “Add Video” to complete the entry form and upload the video; please provide your name and contact info in “Description”. As a precaution against spam and material not suitable for family viewing, we’ll review all submissions before sharing with the public. After Feb. 27, we’ll open the videos for public voting. The three videos receiving the most votes will win Best Plunge and receive a coveted Plunger trophy. Voting will take place through our Facebook page and the winner determined by who has the most “likes”. 

When selecting a location, don’t trespass – contact us for suggestions. Wherever you Plunge, jumping in freezing water can be hazardous to your health. All participants must sign the Waiver Form and email it to

All the Other Details: The Plunge and Plunge Challenge support kids and protecting Haywood County’s waterways. They raise money for our premier education event, Kids in the Creek, one that teachers call “extremely valuable for teaching about water quality”. Our surveys demonstrate it is a very effective tool for increasing knowledge about water and raising environmentally-responsible behaviors in the kids. The events also support our many other youth and environmental education programs that protect clean water. 

Join us so you can say you took a Plunge in the middle of winter.  All Plungers receive a FREE t-shirt to commemorate their courage and support of clean water. Plunge Challengers can pick their t-shirt up at the Plunge or we can arrange delivery.

All ages welcome. Kids under 18 will need their parent or guardian to sign the Waiver Form. Shorts are mandatory, costumes are encouraged.

Whether you take the Plunge or the Plunge Challenge, the cost is $25 or FREE by raising sponsorships ($10 for under age 18). To register:

  1. Visit our GoFundMe Charity page and click “Join”.  GoFundMe Charity will create your own personal page under the Plunge. Then, either “Donate” your $25/$10, or send the personal link to family, friends, and coworkers so they can support your registration ($1, $5, $25 or more), everything counts and that’s the way we raise the most funds.
  2. Download the Registration Packet and follow the directions. 

Trophies and prize packages will be given for: Top three Individual Fundraisers, School Team Fundraisers, and Community Team Fundraisers; Top three Best Costumes; Team with the Most Plungers; and Best Plunge.

For the team awards, you can show up as a group or simply tell us which team you’re representing at the pool of if you take the Challenge. We’ll track donations online at GoFundMe but any cash turned in by March 1 counts. Contact us to arrange delivery.

The costumes are a highlight of the Plunge and we expect nothing different this year. We’ll take photos of all pool Plungers and review the Plunge Challenge videos. A committee will decide on March 1 who wins based on creativity and originality.

Need more info? Contact us at 828-476-4667 or 

We are seeking Event Sponsors – want to see your business featured? Everything you need to know is in the Sponsorship Packet.

Haywood Waterways Association is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law (Tax ID: 56-2108874). Financial information and a copy of our license is available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214; the license is not an endorsement by the State.