Stormwater Management

Haywood Waterways helps the Town of Waynesville and the Town of Clyde utilize its Stormwater Management Plan to improve local water quality and comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) and the applicable provisions of the Clean Water Act. The Stormwater Management Plan comprises Public Education and Outreach, Public Participation, Construction Site Runoff Controls, Post-Construction Site Runoff Controls, IDDE (Illicit Discharge, Detention and Elimination), Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping, and Annual Self-Assessments. The goal of the stormwater program is to preserve, restore, and protect local waterways as well as address the needs of the local community.

Town of Waynesville residents:

Town of Clyde residents:

  • During business hours call 828-627-2566 or email:
  • After hours call the NC Department of Environmental Quality Hotline: 1-866-STOP-MUD.
  • Visit the Town of Clyde’s stormwater webpage for more information about stormwater issues:
  • Residents outside of town limits or in towns other than Waynesville and Clyde:
  • Call the NC Department of Environmental Quality Hotline: 1-866-STOP-MUD.