Haywood County holds something very precious and rare - water that comes directly from our mountains and nowhere else. We are the only county east of the Mississippi River with headwaters that originate within our county lines. The activity of our community impacts other regions downstream and as award winning author Wendell Berry once said, “Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.” I feel it is our responsibility and duty to safeguard our waterways and why I'm proud to be a member and President of the Haywood Waterways Association because it works to protect this natural resource in our community.

My husband and I have two young boys and truly love our lush and natural environment. My wish is for our children and future generations of Haywood County to be able to enjoy and appreciate our pristine waterways in the way that we did growing up. We are truly blessed to be able to live, work, and play in one of the most unique and beautiful places in our country! Everyone that lives in our community is influenced or connected to our waterways in some way.

Haywood Waterways Association works in a positive way to keep our streams clean and healthy by providing a multitude of educational opportunities and by partnering with other organizations on watershed restoration projects. We have a number of gifted and knowledgeable professionals in our organization, but most of us are just people who care about the quality of our water.

I’d like to welcome you to become more involved with Haywood Waterways Association and support our efforts! Membership provides many fun opportunities to learn, play and engage with the community. Please join us and help make others more aware of our Haywood County treasure – our waterways.

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