We are so blessed in Haywood County to be a headwaters county, this is an amazingly special responsibility and gift. As a recreation programmer, I am thankful that we have many streams running along many of our trails in this county. These make for very relaxing hiking, picnicking, reading, and other recreational opportunities. As President of Haywood Waterways, I look forward to working with everyone to help spread our reach and protect our waterways.

Being a “headwaters county” means no rivers or streams flow into the county. All the waterways are fed by groundwater and rain. That gives the residents of Haywood County a lot of responsibility for taking care of their own water.

Haywood Waterway mission is to protect and improve surface water quality (rivers, streams and lakes) in Haywood County. The organization accomplishes that through public education, volunteer engagement, and working with partners and land owners to install water quality improvement projects.